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Broker’s Bundle Are you a broker, or thinking about being one, and don’t expect to be a factor soon? This  bundle’s for you! Brokers need to understand factoring from both the client’s and the factor’s  point of view, plus how to market effectively, and respond to questions and misconceptions  about factoring. This bundle prepares you for these issues. The Broker’s Bundle includes selections from our Paperbacks/Ebooks and Top 10 Ebooks, all  suited to your needs as a broker. Read these before you start searching for prospects to  refer! Already marketing for prospects? These books and ebooks will improve your skills.  9 titles in all: 4 Paperbacks/ebooks and 5 ebooks.
Broker’s Bundle
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This includes paperbacks, but not PDFs, of: 1. Factoring Wisdom 2. Factoring Case Studies 3. Marketing Methods 4. Factoring: Sell Your Invoices Today, Get Cash Tomorrow This includes PDFs of the 5 ebook titles above
All titles are PDFs only
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