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Want Several Resources? Choose a Bundle and Save! After perusing our website’s products many people want more than one resource. Choose  from our bundles to select the group that includes everything you need, and save money in  the process. Click any link below to learn more about that particular bundle. These bundle  configurations are available only on this website.
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Our most popular bundle for factors; available in  paperback and ebook formats. 5 books total.
All 6 paperback titles we offer -- available as paperbacks  and ebooks. Includes The Small Factor Series plus  Factoring: Sell Your Invoices Today, Get Cash Tomorrow.  
Our insightful “Top 10” series of ebooks, available in 3  different bundled sets.
All our ebooks (that is, none of the titles in the  Paperbacks Bundle), here in one package. Includes all  the “Top 10” ebooks. 12 titles in all. 
Paperbacks/ebooks, along with just ebooks, tailored  especially for factors. Also includes the Calculator.  Available with or without Basic Legal Documents. 
Are you a broker and don’t plan to be a factor soon? This  bundle’s for you.
Have you heard about factoring and want to know more  about it from the factor’s point of view? This bundle gives  you the basics to get started.
Do you own a business and are you thinking about  factoring your invoices? This bundle tells what you need  to know about the process.
All our products in one package! Available with or  without Basic Legal Documents, for those who like to  get everything at once.
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