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Business Owner’s Bundle Do you own a business and are you thinking about factoring your invoices? This bundle tells  everything you need to know about factoring -- how it works, how it can help you, what to  look for in a factor, and how to track your factored transactions in your bookkeeping records.  Educate yourself before you begin searching, and reap the benefits. Every factor is unique. The right factor can make all the difference to your business, so know  where to look for a factor, what to look for,  and how to evalutate factors. Which is best suited  to your company and needs? Save yourself a lot of time and expense by reading and following  the suggestions in these resources. 6 titles included: 5 ebooks and 1 paperback/ebook.
Business Owner’s Bundle
253 444-1856
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This includes paperbacks, but not PDFs, of: 1. Factoring: Sell Your Invoices Today, Get Cash Tomorrow This includes PDFs of the 5 ebook titles above
All titles are PDFs only
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