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Factoring Case Studies (2nd Edition) Essential Lessons from 30 Real Factoring Clients by Jeff Callender This work describes 30 real-life experiences from the files of 8 small factors  around the country. Learn and profit from those active and successful in the  business! You’ll learn a multitude of tips, plus errors to avoid as you read about  the kinds of factoring clients you want to well as those you  don’t! Laugh while you learn and cement your factor training with real-life  stories from those with experience. All names have been changed to  protect the guilty...and describe the people themselves. (Example:  Hyden Sneek of Mr. Scumbucket Janitorial.)  18 stories depict problem clients and give plenty of warning signs to  watch out for. The other 12 describe great clients and show how a good factoring relationship works. Inspiring!  Click the Read Free Sample button to see what’s inside the book.
Factoring Case Studies
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