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Factoring Software We recommend FactorFox software to all new factors, and those who need to upgrade from spreadsheets or other platforms. Unique, cloud-based software for factors and their clients, it stores all your  business-critical data on one centralized database so you can enter and  view any information you want, whenever you want, and from wherever  you want, knowing that it will always be up-to-date. That means clients can obtain online reports effortlessly 24/7, and without any expensive add-  on software for you to buy. All the reports your clients want, and every report you'll need as  well, are pre-loaded. You don’t need to send reports to anyone! From the Reports page, select and filter the report you want, then generate. No more time-  consuming efforts to create and send a report, no more intrusive client phone calls asking if this  or that invoice has paid. You and your clients have 24/7 access to this information -- again, at  no extra cost to you. Likewise, pertinent reports for Brokers and Lenders are also available  online. FactorFox includes a factoring data base as well as built-in document sharing, known as  DocuFox. A web-based accounting program, Xero, is completely integrated so you don’t even  need to export data to your accounting program. If you choose to use QuickBooks, you can  export data there. General features include:   Your choice of numerous background, navigation bar, and button color schemes to match  your logo and website. Brand your company with the software! A complete Dashboard showing thumbnails of A/R agings, receipts, rebates due, invoices  past recourse, newly submitted schedules, newly factored customers, clients and debtors  over their credit limits, and much more. See the state of your ARs in one single page!  Factor-created log-ins  and passwords for staff, clients, brokers and lenders.  Your data is  secure and available only to people you allow. Permission-based at all levels.  24/7 online schedule and invoice submission by client and/or factor. Save yourself and  your client a lot of time.  24/7 access to reports visible as appropriate to factor, clients, brokers and lenders. Also  permission-based. Invoice verification page for each invoice. Good records here mean better collections  history.  Unlimited number of notes for each invoice, date-stamped showing who made each entry,  visible to factor and client. Make your collections more efficient, and improve your bottom  line.  Easy creation, management, and application of multiple terms for factoring discounts and  advances for quick income calculations.   Email and/or system tray notification to factor when a client submits a new schedule,  customer, and paperwork. Provide  quick, excellent customer service.  Email and/or system tray notification to client when factor has approved a new schedule.  Your clients will appreciate this instant information.  Document sharing between client and factor. Convenient time saver!  Video demos and a 30- or 90-day free trial are available, with a guarantee unmatched in the  industry. 3 hours of free training are included in the free trial.  For more information go to  
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