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iPad All our books and ebooks are available in iPad format from the iBookstore, as well as in Kindle format from and the Kindle Store. Both formats work on an iPad. Below are instructions to preview and order iPad and Kindle for iPad versions when they are available. To order an iPad ebook from your iPad: 1. Tap on the iBooks icon. If your bookshelf opens, tap the Store button and the iBookstore opens. (If the iBookstore opens automatically, you’re there.) 2. in the search field, enter the title of the book you want. All books matching the search words are displayed. 3. Click on the book cover. The book’s information appears. 4a. To view a sample of the ebook, click the Sample button. The book’s cover will appear on your bookshelf with “Sample” showing in the upper right corner. To buy the books after reading the sample, click the Buy button in the upper left corner of the first pages. 4b. To buy the book directly, tap the button with the price. It will change to Buy Book; tap it again. The purchase is made and the book downloaded to your iPad. Kindle on iPad To view a Kindle book on an iPad you must first download the free Kindle app from iTunes. Once installed, follow the instructions below. To preview a Kindle ebook on your iPad: 1. From your computer’s or iPad’s internet browser, go to, select Kindle Store in the search field, and enter the title of the book you want. 2. Books matching the search words will appear. Tap the desired book. 3. In the right column select Deliver to (your name)’s Kindle. 4. Tap the Send Sample Now button and the sample ebook is downloaded to your iPad’s Kindle app. You can preview the book and order the full book there. To order a Kindle ebook from your computer or iPad: 1. Follow steps 1 & 2 in the previous section above. 2. In the right column just below the Buy Now with 1 Click button, select Deliver to (your name)’s iPad. 3. Click the Buy Now with 1 Click button to download the book. It will download to your iPad’s Kindle app.
253 444-1856
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