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12 Ebooks Provide Exceptional Factoring Information Twelve titles are available here in PDF format. All are written or co-written by Jeff Callender  and address specific facets of factoring. Click any ebook graphic below to view more  information about that title. The ebooks are written for the general public, factors, business  owners, or both factors and business owners.
For Factors:
For Everyone:
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How I Run My Small Factoring Business and How I Run My Virtual Office (2 ebooks in 1!)
Top 10s:
10 Key Points to Look for in Factoring Software
Top 10 Insights about Factoring Prospects
Top 10 Illusions about Risk and Loss
Top 10 Statements You Never Want to Hear
Top 10s:
Top 10 Questions to Ask a Factor
Top 10 Quotes on the Benefits of Factoring
Top 10 Misconceptions about Factoring
What Is Factoring? and Factoring Vs. Other Financing Free!
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For Factors and Business Owners:
Accounting Methods for Factors and Their Clients
For Business Owners:
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